Before I came to see Dr. Brisbane, I had been suffering from neck pain – sometimes severe – since my early twenties. I didn’t think anything could help it. But, “luckily”, I hurt my lower back in my forties and decided to try Dr. Brisbane. Not only did he make my lower back pain go away but he virtually eliminated my neck pain! I never thought this was possible! I have now had a happy neck for over 6 years! It’s wonderful!
– Sonja S.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck 6 years ago and was experiencing pain in my upper back and neck. I was sleeping poorly and in a great deal of pain. It was definitely adversely impacting my life. I’ve been seeing Dr. Brisbane for two years now and the adjustments have left me pain free!
– Jason L.

I came to see Dr. Brisbane for mid-back and lower neck pain. I was having difficulty sitting at a desk or working at a computer for more than an hour or so without discomfort. I feel substantial relief following an adjustment from Dr. Brisbane.
– Steve S.

I have been very happy with the chiropractic care I have been receiving from Dr. Brisbane! I came in for frequent headaches, sinus problems, neck and back pain and have had very positive results! It is amazing how much better I feel and I continue to improve.

Dr. Brisbane makes me feel very comfortable and goes out of his way to explain everything that is going on and offers exercises to do at home, as well.

I very much would recommend and refer anyone to Brisbane Chiropractic for their well-being and care.

Thank you, Dr. Brisbane, for giving me nothing but the highest quality care. I really appreciate all your support!
– Lisa B.

After a recent accident that I had, I was referred to Dr. Brisbane by my wife. I came in needing a lot of help – for my back, neck and leg pain – pain that was extreme!

With Dr. Brisbane’s help and attention, I feel 100% better. Dr. Brisbane’s knowledge and attention was top notch.

I will keep seeing Dr. Brisbane and would recommend him to all my friends; his work ethic and attention to his patients is great!
– Jaime L.

After a car accident, my discomfort was intense. I was afraid that the quality of my life would be different. After visiting Dr. Brisbane on a regular basis, I quickly noticed improvements. I began to feel normal and my headaches disappeared. My sleep patterns have improved and I no longer feel stiff all of the time.

I have experienced many improvements in my life since receiving Chiropractic Care.
– Laura M.

I’ve had back problems for years and have visited other chiropractors before, without any improvements. On the other hand, my first visit with Dr. Brisbane started a significant improvement, with the intensity and the duration of my back pain. He is definitely the best!

Thank you, Dr. Brisbane!
– Kemal O.

My first time at Dr. Brisbane’s practice was one of mixed feelings. I was not sure what to expect, but am I glad that I took that first step!

I really enjoy the chiropractic treatments and Dr. Brisbane is icing on the cake! He is extremely professional and a truly dedicated individual. I would not think twice about recommending him to friends and family.
– Raashid S.

I had been tolerating lower back pain for over ten years. Visits to my regular doctor and other chiropractors have given me some relief, but it never lasted beyond a couple of days. When I initially met with Dr. Brisbane, he took a good deal of time to test and understand the problem with my back before beginning adjustments. Since then (almost a year ago), I have been relatively pain free and have much better mobility. My wife also visits Dr. Brisbane and has enjoyed similar results. I wish that we had found Dr. Brisbane years ago!
– Steve S.